Safety Policy Statement

Nothing at 18 Karat, Inc. is more important than the health and safety of its employees. We are committed to the elimination of injuries, illnesses and regulatory violations. Injuries are painful, expensive and unnecessary. We are emphatic about injury prevention, and have made it the cornerstone of our safety culture. We believe that employee health and safety, and strong financial performance are inseparable. Taken together, they will ensure the success of the organization and each individual who has chosen to be a part of 18 Karat, Inc.

18 Karat, Inc. will not accept practices or behaviors that may lead to an injury. Working safely is a condition of employment. We owe it to one another, to our families, to our customers, to the communities we call home and to the owners of this company to make sure that 18 Karat, Inc. operates with safety and health considerations at the forefront. To accomplish this task, a joint worker/management safety committee will be established.

Management. Management's responsibility is the prevention of injury and illness accidents, because management is held accountable for all issues under their span of control. Management provides direction and full support to supervision and employees regarding all safety and health procedures, job training and hazard elimination practices. We must keep fully informed on safety and health issues throughout the company in order to constantly review the effectiveness of our safety and health program.

Foreman. Supervision. Employees. Supervisors are directly responsible for supervising and training their workers. This includes proper procedures, work practices and safe methods to do the job. Supervisors must enforce company rules and take immediate corrective action to eliminate hazardous conditions and practices. They will not permit safety to be sacrificed for any reason. In addition, they will be held accountable for all safety and health issues. Each employee, regardless of their position within the company, is expected to cooperate in all aspects of the company's safety and health program.